IPTV will now be available on CGNet along with the internet. The company has announced that it has introduced Internet and IPTV services to its customers under the offer name ‘CGNet Jodi‘.

The company organized an event and released three packages under this offer. The package includes ‘Sprinter Jodi’, ‘Popular Jodi’ and ‘Rockstar Jodi’.


Under the ‘Sprinter package, the monthly fee for IPTV with 80 Mbps internet is Rs 810. Similarly, under the ‘Popular Package’, the monthly fee for IPTV including 155 Mbps internet has been fixed at Rs 1055. Another package ‘Rockstar Jodi’ with a 305 Mbps internet and fee IPTV has been fixed at Rs 1374 per month.

The quarterly fee for the ‘Sprinter Package’ is Rs 2,640, for the ‘Popular Package’ is Rs 12,660 and for Rockstar Jodi Package is Rs 16,488.

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The annual subscription fee for ‘Sprinter Jodi’ is Rs 9,720, Rs 12,660 for Popular Jodi, and Rs 16,488 for Rockstar Jodi.

The IPTV provided by the company consists of a total of 257 TV channels including 125 HD channels. At the same time, the company has also announced the ‘CGNET Grand Jodi Offer’.

Under this, users will be able to buy CG television at a reasonable price with the ‘CGNet Jodi package. According to the company, the 43-inch TV can be purchased for Rs 35,999 in a package of 80 Mbps internet and IPTV.

Customers can buy a 32-inch TV in a package with 80 Mbps internet and IPTV for Rs 25,499. Users can purchase this Grand Jodi offer from any CGNet store, CGNet website, phone call, or through the drawer.

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