Ncell Axiata has finally rolled out the Ncell VoLTE service in Nepal. This service would enable the subscribers to expertise HD High quality voice calls inside its network. After the beta phase, the service is now accessible on a choose variety of handsets with a promotional offer. Discover how to activate VoLTE service on a Ncell SIM card along with promotional supply, and likewise learn which devices currently support the HD voice service.

VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE. It’s a 4G-based name feature that allows HD calls whereas permitting mobile data and call simultaneously. The service was already accessible within the beta phase for months and is now commercially accessible for compatible handsets across the country.

What is VoLTE ?

VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) is a new technology that provides clearer and better-quality, high-definition voice calls along with quicker call connection. With VoLTE service, you can make voice call and use 4G data at the same time.

Ncell VoLTE

Why VoLTE ?

VoLTE is different than the traditional wireless voice network in the sense that one can browse the internet and use data-driven apps at 4G speeds while being on a call. Moreover, following are the benefits of VoLTE:

  • Better quality HD calls with another VoLTE-enabled device
  • Simultaneous 4G ‘data and voice’ sessions
  • User won’t face fallback to 3G while using 4G data and voice calls.

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How can I use Ncell VoLTE?

Below are requirements for using VoLTE service

  1. VoLTE enabled device as mentioned in below Ncell VoLTE Eligible Devicestable.
  2. Ncell 4G SIM.
  3. Enable ‘VoLTE call’ and ‘LTE network setting’ on the handset-
    1. Setting>Sim Card & Mobile Network / Connections
    2. Enable VoLTE calls
    3. Choose preferred network type as 4G or LTE
  4. Upgrade to latest software in your handset.
  5. Activate Ncell VoLTE service by dialing the code *17201#

Ncell VoLTE Eligible Devices

In the present context, Ncell has as many as 16.3 Million customers. Needless to say they use hundreds of different mobile brands. Ncell is preparing to add more devices to the list of eligible devices. But, for now following devices are eligible for the VoLTE service.

SamsungGalaxy A51, Galaxy A33, Galaxy A53
VivoY55, V23
HuaweiNova 3i, Y9 Prime 2019

Anyone with a VoLTE-supporting device can use the service anywhere on Ncell’s 4G network. On prerequisites, the service requires a 4G capable SIM card. New SIM cards come with 4G network support these days so it shouldn’t be a worry. But if you own an old SIM, you need to activate 4G on it.

Simultaneous call and data

VoLTE allows users to stay on 4G and browse data even during a call. It elevates call quality with clear HD sound over LTE and is easy for call set-ups. One of its perks also includes support for video calls, however, at the moment, it will be limited to Voice over LTE only. But the company promises more innovations will be on the cards “where it makes sense for both our customers and the business.

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